Jasper international academy, uk hosted by principals college, ghana presents

Cyber Security & Executive Development Programme



The Principals College Ghana invites you to two 2-3 day residential training course, Senior Executive Development and Cyber Security Programme, run by Jasper International Academy UK.

The training, facilitated by Dr Marshall Potts, has as overarching goal of strengthening the technical strategic capacity of executives both in commercial and public organisations as well as impart leading cyber security best practices. Both events will be hosted and coordinated by Principals College Ghana and held at the prestigious Royal Sanchi Hotel in the Volta region of Ghana on October 4th, 5th, 6th 2019 and October 11th, 12th 2019 respectively. This is truly a stunning location on the Volta River at one of Ghana’s Premier Hotels.

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The mini-MBA programme will introduce you to a broad range of new innovative thinking in business, giving you the ability to make effective management decisions with new tools that will impact on your organisation.

Executive Development

  • The challenge of managing yourself
  • Successfully managing individuals
  • Leading high performance teams and people, transitional, transactional and emotional leadership
  • New insights into the latest thinking on Organisational RT Personal Motivation Performance
  • Guiding growth through effective business strategy
  • Inspiring and managing change in a fast paced changing global market

Cyber Security

  • Improve your ability to engage with cyber security strategy formulation and policy
  • Engage with your senior IT and Cyber team in a meaningful way and to ask some important searching questions of them.
  • Gain a holistic understanding of cyber security: people, processes and technology
  • Understanding of different types of cyber vulnerability and how these relate to risks to your business
  • Understand the core technology concepts that apply across cyber security
  • Understand the role that ‘hot topics’ like encryption, AI and blockchain play in cyber- security
  • An enhanced understanding of how cyber security is likely to evolve in the future
  • Establish a strong knowledge base for continued learning beyond the course
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Cyber Security Defence and Risk in Cyber Security and thought leaders from business and government this programme will build core knowledge on cyber security from a non-technical executive perspective, enabling you to identify and understand the root causes of risks within your business.

Important benefits

Increase your value

Strengthen your leader mindset and become an organisational mobiliser.

Maximise relevancy

Remain relevant through a unique blend of interactive learning and networking

Hone leadership skills

Develop your ability to mobilise talent and commitment for your company.

Broader Vision

Be part of a network of top caliber participants and expert facilitator.

Create value

Advance your personal and organisational capacity to define and create value.

Explore leadership attributes

Explore and reflect on your personal leadership attributes.

Sustained Impact

Sustain long-term impact through methods to track learning application and actions.

Strategic thinker

Achieve the midser of an innovator and growth seeker for your company.

Tools for following-up

Take advantage of the power of followups. Learn to track and analyse data for growth.

Dr Marshall Potts

With an extensive career in education and organisational improvement, Marshall sits in a privileged role as Chairman of Jasper Global Corporation, which comprises of a number of companies in the United Kingdom, Middle East and East Asia.

UK and International Commercial Training and Consultancy Exposure:
• Food Drink Hospitality and Tourism
• Health and Care Sector
• Oil, Gas and Energy Sector
• Investment Securities and Banking
• Cyber Security
• Public Administration and Educational Organisations
• Logistics and Freight Movement
• Telecommunications

He holds many different technical and academic qualifications including business and psychology, in a range of professionally relevant disciplines.

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Please follow the guidelines below In order to enrol in this exclusive 3 day training programme.


The fees for the training programmes is (GHS) 2000/day and will include:

  • professional fees,
  • Course Materials,
  • International
  • Certificates,
  • Participants folder,
  • Meals

NB. Special discounts for Organisations that present 3 and/or more participants (does not include accommodation).


Please confirm your participation in the training workshop to:


Because of the location we recommend that participants reserve their rooms direct with
The Royal Senchi Hotel Senchi Ferry Road, Akosombo, Ghana.
Contact Reservations on: 00233 30 340 9170

For more information about the programmes please download the PDF Guides.