Credit Control & Management Course

Programme Overview

This Credit & Management course is comprised of:
  • And 8 Sub-topics
  • This course contains everything you need to know to be a successful credit manager. A major responsibility of a credit manager is to ensure debts are collected on time, that any signs a customer might default are acted upon early and that any overdue debts are chased to avoid losses. This programme covers all those topics, and many more of great value to all businesses.

    Outline of the Credit & Management Course

    Major Topics

    Digital information
    The meanings of credit, credit policy, credit terms, credit limits, ricks, benefits
    Importance of liquidity and its management
    Financial analysis of customer accounts
    Granting credit and setting up customer accounts
    Selling and statute law
    Monitoring and controlling customer accounts
    Collecting debts and dealing with insolvency
    Data Orthogonality
    Study Options
    Distance Learning