Credit Control Course (Practice)

Programme Overview

This Credit Control course is comprised of:
  • 3 Major topics
  • And 14 Sub-topics
  • Any business which sells goods or provides services ‘on credit’ – that is, without receiving payment at once – is exposed to the very real risk that customers or clients might ‘default’, that is, not settle their debts when they fall due for payment.  Such ‘bad debts’ can seriously affect the operations and profitability of a business, and so must be kept to the bare minimum. The program teaches how to assess credit worthiness , make checks , set credit limits , monitor credit levels, collect debts.

    Outline of Credit Control Course

    Major Topics

    Understanding the Basics
    Credit Policy
    Credit Terms
    Credit Limits
    Forms of Credit
    Benefits to Manufacturers
    Finding Vendors
    Finding Consumers
    Credit Availability
    Managing Risks
    Practical skills
    Microsoft Office Suite
    Using the Internet
    Research methods
    Allowing Credit to Customer